The Philippine Institute for Development Studies was created on September 26, 1977. PIDS was established to respond to the critical and growing need for research for planning and policy formulation.

In general, PIDS research is envisioned to help government planners and policy-makers in the executive and legislative branches of government. Its primary clientele consists of the network of agencies which make up the National Economic and Development Authority.

PIDS was established by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 1201. PIDS is organized as a nonstock, nonprofit government corporation.

Roles and Goals

Broadly stated, the goals of PIDS are:

  1. To develop and implement a comprehensive and integrated research program that will provide the research materials and studies required for the formulation of national development plans and policies;
  2. To serve as a common link between the government and existing research institutions;
  3. To establish a repository for economic research information and other related activities.

Programs and Activities

To carry out its mandate, the Institute has maintained three basic programs, namely:


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