Management and Staff


GILBERTO M. LLANTOPresidentE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4031
Local line: 4031
Merle G. GalvanExecutive Assistant VE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4030
Local line: 4030

Ida Marie T. PantigSupervising Research SpecialistE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4084 Local line: 4084
Francis Mark A. QuimbaSupervising Research SpecialistE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4070 Local line: 4070
Danica Aisa P. OrtizResearch SpecialistE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4050 Local line: 4050
Ma. Kristina P. OrtizResearch SpecialistE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4039
Local line: 4039


MARIFE M. BALLESTEROSOfficer-In-ChargeE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4037
Local line: 4037
Jocelyn P. AlmedaExecutive Assistant IIIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4036
Local line: 4036


Direct line: 877-4041
Local line: 4041
Viveka A. MiguelExecutive Assistant IE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4040
Local line: 4040
Project Services

Christine Ruth P. SalazarProject Development Officer IVE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4042
Local line 4042
Jan Michael M. OseoProject Evaluation Officer IIIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4043
Local line: 4043
Management Information Services

Doris R. JimenezInformation Technology Officer IIE-mail:
Direct lilne: 877-4051
Local line: 4051
Winnie A. GerioInformation Technology Officer IE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4053
Local line: 4053
John Mark V. FernandezInformation Technology Officer IE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4052
Local line: 4052
Jun A. BautistaComputer Programmer IIIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4054
Local line: 4054


SHEILA V. SIARDirectorE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4033
Local line: 4033
Necita Z. AquinoExecutive Assistant IE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4032
Local line: 4032
Publications and Circulation Division

Jane C. AlcantaraInformation Officer IVE-mail:
Direct line: 877- 4028
Local line: 4028
Rejinel G. ValenciaInformation Officer IIE-mail:
Direct line:877-4026
Local line 4026
Reynalyn L. ArguezaAdministrative Assistant IIIEmail:
Direct line: 877-4025
Local line: 4025
Library Services

Rossana P. CeofasLibrarian IVE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4024
Local line: 4024
Clarissa D. LagorasLibrarian IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4023
Local line: 4023

Mark Vincent P. AranasSenior Research SpecialistE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4022
Local line: 4022
Public Affairs Division

Maria Gizelle G. ManuelInformation Officer IIIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4016
Local line: 4016
Misha H. BorbonInformation Officer IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4019
Local line: 4019


Direct line: 877-4021
Local line: 4021
Novie D. SalcedoExecutive Assistant IE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4020
Local line: 4020
Administrative Division

Minerva C. LachicaDivision Chief IIIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4015
Local line: 4015
Ma. Dana E. PatuarSupervising Administrative OfficerE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4014
Local line: 4014
Norlito S. AtienzaAdministrative Officer VE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4013
Local line: 4013
Gildegarde R. RemorinAdministrative Officer IV (HRMO)E-mail:
Direct line: 877-4012
Local line: 4012
Rowel S. Del PilarAdministrative Assistant IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4011
Local line: 4011
Asher A. Federico Jr.Administrative Aide VIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4010
Local line: 4010
Lamberto F. GarciaAdministrative Aide IVE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4091
Local line: 4091
Michael A. CaturanAdminstrative Aide IVE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4091
Local line: 4091
Jesus Arthur O. SalazarAdministrative Aide IVE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4009
Local line 4009
Gerwin V. FloresAdministrative Aide IVE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4091
Local line 4091
Danilo M. CamontoyAdministrative Aide IVE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4031
Local line: 4031
Christian E. AntonioAdministrative Aide IVE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4092
Local line: 4092
Cristito V. Gonatice, Jr.Administrative Aide III
Direct line: 877-4091
Local line: 4091
Finance Division

Laylord Xyrchez R. TaganasDivision Chief IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4004
Local line: 4004
Mailene C. VictoriaAdministrative Officer VE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4002
Local line 4002
Jaymart Ramile L. CalloAdministrative Officer V (Cashier III)E-mail:
Direct line: 877-4003
Local line: 4003
Joanna Theresa M. RamosAdministrative Officer IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4001
Local line: 4001
Accounting and Control Division

Marisa S. AbogadoDivision Chief IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4008
Local line 4008
Cristine P. AriolaAccountant IIIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4007
Local line: 4007
Grace B. UcolAccounting AnalystE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4005
Local line: 4005