March 02, 2016

Consumer Unity and Trust (CUTS) International, Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), and Action for Economic Reforms (AER) have collaborated to initiate a project called CREW or Competition Reforms in Key Markets for Enhancing Social and Economic Welfare in Developing Countries, that promotes healthy competition in the staple food and transport sectors.

A Workshop on Competition and Competition Reforms in Key Sectors in the Philippines was held on March 2, 2016. The said event merged the 2nd National Orientation Workshop and the 6th NRG Meeting, which belong to the final leg of events of the CREW Project. Highlights of the event included the presentation of non-project sectors (banking/finance, retail trade, air transport) specifically on the nature of the market, the competition issues related to it, the reform possibilities, and how the CREW Methodology could be replicated. For the project sectors, which are the bus transport and rice sector, policy recommendations were discussed.