The "PIDS Corner" in provincial libraries: helping to make research outputs more accessible

In consonance with its new research thrust to "Go Regional: East Asia and Local Philippines", the Institute has recently launched a new dissemination strategy to make the results and findings of its various research outputs more visible and accessible at the local and community levels.

This is the setting up of mini-PIDS Corners in selected provincial libraries and college/university-based libraries in various areas outside of Metro Manila. The PIDS Corner consists of a few shelves that contain the various studies and publications that the Institute has produced through the years. These are made available for free at the abovementioned libraries as possible sources of information, data and research for researchers, students, faculty and other local decisionmakers. The new initiative is in collaboration with various provincial government units and colleges and universities in strategic areas of the country. The objective is to be able to provide reading and research materials on development-related concerns to as many readers as possible, especially in locations where there is a dearth of such materials..