PN 2016-02PhilHealth Coverage in the Informal Sector: Identifying Determinants of Enrollment
Silfverberg, Denise Valerie

One of the schemes of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) is the Individually Paying Program (IPP), the voluntary component of the country's social health insurance. Those enrolled in the IPP scheme are individuals who opt to pay for their own membership. They generally include the self-employed, self-earning, and those in occupations without a formal employer-employee relationship, such as the informal sector. This Policy Note aims to identify the determinants of enrollment into the IPP. Identifying predisposing factors will allow for better and more efficient targeting of the sectors of the population that are otherwise difficult to capture.

keywords:Philippines, PhilHealth, individually paying program, social health insurance, PhilHealth coverage, PhilHealth enrollment, informal sector
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