PN 2016-10What Is the Impact of DepED's School-Based Feeding Program?
Albert, Jose Ramon G., Tabunda, Ana Maria L., Angeles-Agdeppa, Imelda

The School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP) of the Department of Education aims to address undernutrition among public primary pupils. This Policy Note summarizes the results of the impact evaluation (IE) study of the SBFP using a mixed methods approach for the school year 2013-2014. Quantitative surveys of program beneficiary pupils and their parents were undertaken to generate a counterfactual analysis. The study found, among others, inconsistencies in verbal descriptors between the nutrition status recorded in SBFP forms and nutrition status reports and the verified pre-feeding and post-feeding nutrition status computed from weight and height measurements. Thus, it recommends the need for standardized equipment for measurement of heights and weights to attain better program implementation. While the IE shows positive impacts on SBFP-fed children, the government needs to complement the SBFP with other programs to correct malnutrition practices among children below five years old.

keywords:Philippines, health, impact evaluation, school children, school-based feeding program, nutrition
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