PN 2016-14Competition for the Market: A Policy Framework for Improving Bus Operation along EDSA
Llanto, Gilberto M., Gerochi, Hope A.

The worsening traffic logjam along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) is a serious problem in Metro Manila. It has inflicted hardship and suffering on commuters, as well as tremendous costs in terms of losses in productivity and unnecessary fuel consumption. Various yet unsuccessful solutions have been tried. This Policy Note invites policymakers to consider applying "competition for the market" or competitive tendering/auctioning as a policy framework for rationalizing bus operation along EDSA. This framework proposes a way to effectively implement the bus consolidation strategy, which can create more traffic space and ease movement of traffic along EDSA.

keywords:Philippines, bus transport sector, bus operation, Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA), competition policy, bus consolidation policy
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