Project Information - Completed Study

Title: Data Collection for PIDS' Impact Evaluation of the School-Based Feeding Program of DepED and its Complementary Activities
Description: This refers to the consultancy service for the conduct of data collection for the PIDS impact evaluation (IE) of the School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP) of the Department of Education (DepED) and its complementary programs. The SBFP is undertaken by the DepED to help improve the nutrition status and class attendance of severely wasted Kinder to Grade 1 to Grade 6 pupils enrolled in public elementary schools. Severely wasted children are children whose weight-for-height is below the minus 3 standard deviation cut-off established by the World Health Organization (WHO) for well-nourished populations. The focus of the IE is the implementation of the SBFP in SY 2013-2014. Data will be collected through face-to-face interviews and through examination of DepED records, reporting forms and documents. The data collection requires the face to face interviews with 1,200 beneficiary children, parents and teachers of these beneficiary children; and 1,200 non-beneficiary severely wasted children and their parents. The exercise will also entail the interviews with school heads, SBFP core group members and heads of the sampled school; and review of secondary data such as DepED and NHC records; reporting forms and other relevant documents.
Investigator: Sustainable Development Solutions Corp
Publications: DP 2016-05 Results of an Impact Evaluation Study on DepED`s School-Based Feeding Program,