Project Information - Completed Study

Title: Comprehensive Study on Credit Programs to Small Holders
Description: The study aims to: 1. Review and document existing practices (i.e. program and policy environment) 2. Conduct a comprehensive review of the existing conditions in the credit market and policies for credit access of smallholders with due emphasis on the gaps and limitations of prevailing credit programs and how to properly address them; 3. Assess existing programs of lending institutions, banks, and other government financial institutions (GFIs) in terms of loan purpose, loan terms and condition, monitoring and collection; 4. Conduct a program review of the Agricultural Production and Credit Program (APCP) in terms of credit assistance, program organization and beneficiary feedback; 5. Assess the capacity of smallholder organizations ( ARBOs and non-ARBOs) in terms of preparing credit proposals, implementing re-lending schemes and managing credit, and provide appropriate interventions; 6. Craft relevant policies and strategies of government/private banking institutions to improve credit delivery to smallholders, and identify appropriate credit enhancement measures (e.g. insurance, guarantees), if needed; and 7. Identify key parameters that should be considered in designing an appropriate lending and capability development program for smallholders to enhance their credit access with formal lending institutions
Investigator: Llanto, Gilberto M.
Publications: N/A