Project Information - Completed Study

Title: Research Associate for A Comprehensive Study on Credit Programs to Small Holders
Description: In view of the implementation of the project of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) and PIDS for the conduct of the study titled "Comprehensive Study on Credit Programs to Smallholders," PIDS engaged the services of a research associate who will assist in the review of the existing conditions in the credit market and policies for credit access to smallholders and craft relevant policies and strategies for government or private lending institutions to improve credit delivery. This study will look at the existing conditions in the credit market, particularly for smallholders that include agrarian reform beneficiaries and landless farm workers. The general objective is to determine specific gaps and issues related to meeting the credit needs of smallholders, particularly, what is being done that should not be done and what is not being done but should be done. The study will also identify possible strategic interventions by both the government and private sectors that can address said gaps and issues. The findings of the study can help policymakers in formulating appropriate policies and strategies that aim to enhance the access of smallholders to formal financial services. Improving credit access of smallholders will help them cope with the seasonality of crops and production schedules and most especially with variability of incomes and vulnerability to exogenous economic shocks.
Investigator: Badiola, Jocelyn Alma R.
Publications: N/A