Project Information - Completed Study

Title: Co-Principal Investigator for Research Activities for K to 12 Transition Planning
Description: The project aims to provide the Committee on Higher and Technical Education with empirical basis for the Tertiary Education Sector Transition Fund (TESTF) by conducting research studies to answer the data needs of the bill. The research activities include a census of HEI teaching and non-teaching personnel, a geo-mapping of demand for K to 12 and supply of Senior High Schools, a study on the plans and perception of teaching and non-teaching personnel on the K to 12 and a study on HEIs transition plans during the period. The consultant coordinated with CHED in the collection, checking, and data cleaning of Forms E5A and E5B, which will be the basis of the census for teaching and non-teaching personnel in Higher Education Institutions.
Investigator: Laguna, Elma P.
Publications: N/A