Project Information - Completed Study

Title: Project Facilitator for Research Activities for K to 12 Transition Planning
Description: In general, the project "Research on K to 12 Transition Planning" aimed to provide empirical data to serve as basis for developing the proposal in establishing the Tertiary Education Sector Transition Fund (TESTF) to mitigate the impact of K to 12 program during transition period from SY 2016 up to 2021. The over-all project entailed large-scale research employing multiple data sources at the national level. To accomplish the major tasks, CHED considered the research expertise and leadership of Philippine Institute of Development Studies (PIDS) who worked in collaboration with Population Institute of the University of the Philippines, CHED Office of Planning, Research and Knowledge Management, and regional offices of DOLE and CHED. The Research Team was tasked to obtain estimates on the impact of K to 12, measures that are grounded on actual data from higher education institutions and basic education as well. The task was considered critical since the estimates expected from the Research Team will serve as the basis for the Fund that will be approved by the legislative body.
Investigator: Golla, Evangeline
Publications: N/A