Project Information - Completed Study

Title: Data Collection of Evaluation Design, Review and Assessment of Students Grants-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (SGP-PA) and Expanded Students' Grants-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (ESGP-PA) -West Visayas State University (WVSU)
Description: The SGP-PA is a program that aims to break the poverty cycle by providing support to students who cannot afford tertiary education. This was implemented for the school year 2012-2013. Grantees are chosen among Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) beneficiaries with an eligible high school graduate and have signified interest in pursuing higher education, and later on "high-value employment". To assess the performance of the program, PIDS collaborated with the West Visayas State University, which was identified as the leading university in Region VI. These preliminary assessment from this study will also serve as a baseline as the program is to be expanded and continued for the next few years. The program is being rolled out (Expanded SGP-PA) from 4,000 beneficiaries to 36,400 beneficiaries for the Academic Year 2014-2015.
Investigator: West Visayas State University (WVSU)
Publications: DP 2016-19: Review and Assessment of the Students Grants-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (SGP-PA) and Expanded SGP-PA,