Project Information - Completed Study

Title: Conversion of Paper-based Survey Instruments to Android Tablet-based Application for the "Poverty Alleviation of Women and Children with Disabilities in Cebu Province, the Philippines" Survey
Description: This study seeks to understand the disability-poverty nexus in the Philippines and to provide deeper insights on the situations of women and children with disabilities in the Philippines. Specifically, the study would like to develop disability statistics in order to allow comparison of the socioeconomic conditions of women with disabilities with their non-disabled counterparts, and to understand the reasons behind those findings. In addition, the study would also like to determine the key factors that prevent children with disabilities from going to school and to look into the cases of child labor. The study hopes to contribute to the attainment of the sustainable development goals, particularly vulnerable people inclusive development, especially empowerment of women and children with disabilities. In order to achieve those above objectives, the consultant is tasked: To design and develop the CSPro-based questionnaires for Android-based tablet; To attend meetings, trainings, and workshops related to the project; To conduct testing from field deployment to data tabulation; To set up and manage survey's backend system; To assist in building the database of completed survey responses; To assist the team including enumerators in resolving technical, data and operational issues;
Investigator: Yacat, Ronald Anthony
Publications: N/A