Project Information - Completed Study

Title: Embedding the AMPLE in a CGE Model to Analyze Inter-sectoral and Economywide Policy Issues
Description: This study implements an updated set of projections for Philippine agriculture which addresses the following key issues: i) The proper modeling of land allocation to better analyze the implications of land scarcity under climate change; ii) The impact of climate change, agricultural productivity growth, and trade liberalization on agriculture; iii) The indirect impacts of climate change and agricultural productivity growth on the rest of the economy; iv) The impact of productivity growth in manufacturing and services on agriculture, including on agricultural wages. To address i) and ii), the study provides a new approach towards modeling land allocation, and updated projections for agriculture to 2030 using the extended Agricultural Model for Policy Evaluation (AMPLE). The study will address iii) and iv) by extending AMPLE into a computable general equilibrium (CGE) version, called AMPLE - CGE, which is still being developed. This report documents the compilation of the AMPLE - CGE data set, namely the 2013 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM).
Investigator: Briones, Roehlano M.
Publications: DP 2016-38,