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PIDS-CPBRD Forum on the Evaluation of PCIC's Agricultural Insurance Programs

Date: December 06,2016
Time: 01:00 PM
Venue: Office of the Speaker Social Hall, House of Representatives, Quezon City

Presenter: Dr. Celia M. Reyes, PIDS Senior Research Fellow

Climate change is a growing environmental risk facing the world today. Since majority of the highly vulnerable poor households are in the agriculture sector, agricultural insurance can be an effective safety net that could help these households withstand the effects of shocks and natural disasters brought about by climate change and its impact on agriculture. In the country, the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation is the government organization offering agricultural insurance (rice, corn, high-value crops, livestock, noncrop agricultural asset, fishery, credit, and life insurance) to agricultural producers of the country. To assess program delivery, a process evaluation on the design and implementation of the program was done, using the results of the focus group discussions with various PCIC clients and partners in selected regions of the country, together with key informant interviews, desktop reviews, and secondary data analysis. To evaluate the impact of agricultural insurance to farmers, a combination of matched Difference-in-Difference (DID) and Instrumental Variable (IV) Regression is used to estimate the impact on farmers well-being (i.e., net income), investment in productive farm activities and access to agricultural credit, using data from a survey of 2,500 rice, corn, coconut, and banana farmers in five regions of the country.


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