This study reviews and assesses nongovernment reforestation in the Philippines vis--vis government and total reforestation using primary and secondary data. The objective is to identify issues and problems related to nongovernment reforestation and recommend actions that can be undertaken to address them. This study finds that government reforestation dominates total reforestation, while nongovernment reforestation only has a relatively small contribution in recent years. It asserts that private reforestation has been the main driver of nongovernment reforestation at present. However, its full development as an industry has been hindered by various institutional, production, and marketing issues and problems. This study recommends ways to address these problems and issues to move nongovernment reforestation forward. Read more...



The Economic Issue of the Day is a two-page publication which deals with concepts behind certain economic issues. This dissemination outlet aims to define and explain, in simple and easy-to-understand terms, basic economic concepts as they relate to current and everyday economics-related matters.


The Policy Notes are observations/analyses written by PIDS researchers on certain policy issues. The treatise is holistic in approach and aims to provide useful inputs for decisionmaking. The Notes are circulated to the highest levels of decisionmakers in the country.


Development Research News is the quarterly news publication of PIDS, reporting on the latest findings as well as recommendations of studies and fora conducted by the Institute. The newsletter features articles on key national and current issues, research digests, project updates, and a rundown of the latest PIDS publications. News on PIDS activities provide an inside look into the Institute and the people behind it. The main objective of the newsletter is to highlight policy-oriented issues deemed relevant and timely, in a nontechnical manner.


The Discussion Papers are preliminary, unedited and unreviewed papers circulated on a limited basis for the purpose of eliciting critical comments and suggestions for refinement of the studies. They may eventually graduate into any of the Institute's regular publication series. The Philippine APEC Study Center Network (PASCN) also publishes discussion papers on APEC-related matters.


The Philippine Journal of Development, formerly Journal of Philippine Development, is a professional journal published twice a year which focuses on the various aspects of Philippine development particularly on economy, business, public administration, foreign relations, sociology, political dynamics and other topics which have strong policy implications on Philippine concerns. The Journal serves as a publication outlet of research studies conducted under the auspices of the Institute for greater dissemination and wider reach of the Institute's target audience. The target readers include policymakers, planners, key government officials and other interested individuals and organizations with particular focus on both local and foreign-based researchers and research institutions and the academe.


The Research Paper Series are the final outputs of the research staff. The Series is a formal publication meant to promote research, stimulate discussion and encourage the use of study results. Studies published under this Series have been reviewed by an internal publications review committee and by external referees. Studies are original and have not been published in any form and contain the rationale, framework, methodology, conclusions or recommendations and other relevant information.


Books are the ultimate printing outlet of PIDS studies which caters to a broad-based audience or the general public. These books deal with various important policy concerns presented in a comprehensive and coherent manner. They include topics of great significance to the body of knowledge in a particular area of development.

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This is also higher compared to 47.01 in the same period last year. Source of data: B... Read more


This is the highest rate registered since January of this year. Likewise, core inflation rate went up to 2.3 percent in September, from 2.0 percent last month. Read more


. Based on PSA report, this was driven by the Services Sector which grew by 7.9 percent and the Industry growing by 8.7 percent. Meanwhile, GNI posted a growth rate of 7.6 percent. Read more

PIDS E-library


The Philippine Institute for Development Studies Library is a special library that deals with topics on economic and social development. It is the repository of all PIDS publications, the collections covers:

  1. Macroeconomics
  2. International cooperation and international relations
  3. Economic and social policy planning
  4. Economic condition, research and systems
  5. Institutional framework, including laws, politics and human rights