May 03, 2021 to Mar 31, 2022
Funding Agency:
Department of Health
Focus Area(s):
Human Development, Labor Markets, and Poverty

Given the limited time for the review of the RPRH law in 2019, it is not feasible to implement some major activities such as the conduct of household and LGU surveys. In this regard, PIDS proposed to implement the review of RPRH law in phases, with Phase 1 (implemented in 2019-2020) focusing on local service delivery, family planning supply, reproductive health education and financing while Phase 2 (for implementation in 2021) will focus on legal review In particular, the legal review will look at the proportion of policies issued versus those mandated by the RPRH IRR, strategic contribution of these policies, extent of implementation of policies, and challenges and issues in developing and implementing policies.

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