Jul 01, 2021 to Jun 30, 2022
Funding Agency:
Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Focus Area(s):
Institutions, Law, Governance, and Economics

Given the historical record of and recent interest in the country’s nuclear energy development ambition, the technological advancements on safety and modularity, and the growing nuclear energy use globally, it is opportune for the Philippine Institute for Development Studies to come up with this study. The general aim of the study is to provide an updated assessment of the prospects for developing a Philippine nuclear energy program. The specific objectives of the study are: to review the experiences of other countries in pursuing a nuclear energy development program; to assess the requirements and implications of a Philippine nuclear energy development program; to assess the shortcomings of Republic Act 5207 or the Atomic Energy Regulatory and Liability Act of 1968 and other existing legislation in addressing the modern requirements of nuclear energy development; to assess where the Philippines is now with respect to the International Atomic Energy Agency Milestone Approach in developing nuclear power infrastructure; to conduct a case study of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and assess how it fits with the existing realities and future energy development prospects; to understand the opposing views on nuclear energy development in the Philippines and review how other countries are managing the risks and dealing with the opposing views; and to formulate policy recommendations.

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