Jan 03, 2022 to Dec 29, 2022
Funding Agency:
Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Focus Area(s):
Science, Technology, and Innovation

The UHC Law of 2019, under section 34 mandated the creation of a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Program, whose primary aim was to determine objectively which health technologies should be purchased by PhilHealth and the DOH. It was created to ensure the purchase of effective health technologies that had the best value for money. This body would be essential to ensure transparency for the development of policies, programs, regulations, and other procedures as the country implements the UHC Law. (Department of Health, 2019) Since then, the Health Technology Assessment Council (HTAC) and Health Technology Assessment Unit (HTAU) were created to oversee the implementation of HTA in the Philippines. The program has now reached a point wherein the progress with implementation and institutionalization must be determined since its inception in 2019. Under this would be determining whether the processes of the current program are aligned with the mandates of the UHC Law and international best practices, as well as its influence on the pricing and procurement of health technologies. Overall, the main goal would be to determine its impact to the end-users of the program itself. This will be done by evaluating the utilization, knowledge, and satisfaction with regards to the services and reports produced by the program. As this study aims to produce an assessment of the current state of the HTA program, it will be able to provide recommendations for improvement, as well as strategies on how to better implement and align the activities being done. This will allow for the program to be more efficient and effective in achieving its goals and contributing to the overall implementation of the UHC Law in our country.

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