Jan 03, 2022 to Dec 29, 2022
Funding Agency:
Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Focus Area(s):
Trade and Industry, and International Economy

The national competition policy chapter of the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022 cites the need to examine competition issues in priority sectors where substantial impact on consumer welfare and market efficiency are expected. With the emergence of the digital economy and the increasing drive for digital inclusion, analysis of the digital industries will help policy makers and implementing agencies formulate policies and regulations to remove barriers to entry and expansion. The study will provide a first look at the digital value chain in the Philippines and evaluate competition issues in the sector. Specifically, the study will: (1) Describe the current digital value chain in the Philippines including key players, bottlenecks and barriers to competition focusing on a specific component of the value chain; (2) identify potentially anti-competitive laws and regulations that may affect firm entry and expansion; and (3) propose regulations or policies to address the identified competition issues. Areas/sectors that need further study/investigation will also be identified.

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