Jan 03, 2022 to Dec 29, 2022
Funding Agency:
Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Focus Area(s):
Trade and Industry, and International Economy

The use of sentiment analysis in analyzing social media contents has become popular due to a number of advantages. Social media has expanded the utilization of web into a global network where news, perspectives and opinions about limitless events are shared in a form of texts and images (Nafees et al. 2019). The revolution of social media has helped produce extensive public discourse and spurred the availability of big data containing people’s preferences and behavior, which help in the improvement of policy and security, healthcare systems, education, agriculture, among others (Lindgren 2018). Using social media platforms, this study will assess the sentiments of economies towards various trade schemes. This will provide stakeholders with insights to the sources of confidence or apprehensions on specific components of the Agreement, such as perceptions on potential economic and political impacts. Analyzing sentiments on RCEP can help researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders anticipate and manage potential inherent complexities of the Agreement.

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