Date Published:
Jun 22, 2021
Focus Area(s):
DRN Vol. 39 No.2

This quarter’s Development Research News (DRN) focuses on the opportunities and challenges of the digital economy. The banner story reports on how the growth of digital platforms benefits Asia and how the Philippines could unlock its digital potential. Other stories delve into the socioeconomic condition of Filipino online workers, highlighting the need for skills training, a sustainable and inclusive social protection system, and digital infrastructure upgrades. The need to address the digital divide in the country to create more economic opportunities for all and the urgency of investing in science and technology human resource development are also tackled. Articles revisiting the national and global policy regulations on e-commerce and cross-border data flows are likewise included. Completing this DRN issue is an article about the lack of a standard definition and measurement of digital trade, which poses challenges for the government in developing tax measures for the digital economy.

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