Date Published:
Mar 10, 2021
Focus Area(s):
DP 2021-13

Information and communications technology (ICT) has been considered a basic necessity in the digital world. It is noted that it permeates all aspects of life as it provides better and quicker ways for people to learn, interact, and gain access to information. In the Philippines, the 2019 National ICT Household Survey marked the first effort by the government to map the general ICT landscape in the country which examined, among others, the use of cellular phones and computers and the extent of internet usage and online financial transactions. This survey was administered to a nationally representative sample of households and individuals in the country. This paper provides a general overview of ICT use based solely on this survey. The findings show that there is differentiated access to ICT across subnational regions. There also remains a nonnegligible proportion of individuals who do not have access to ICT partly due to lack of infrastructure. There is also much to improve in terms of using ICT for economic purposes, such as acquiring skills, doing online financial transactions, and conducting business. Comments to this paper are welcome within 60 days from date of posting. Email


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  1. Louise Maureen Simeon . 2021. Philippines urged to utilize technology to reshape global value chains. Philippine Star.

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