Date Published:
Aug 10, 2023
Policy Notes
PN 2023-18

Agroecotourism's success lies in a community-based approach that empowers locals, giving them control over initiatives and strengthening their ties to resources and livelihoods. This fosters sustainable development while preserving traditional practices and biodiversity. This Policy Note explores the viability of community-based agroecotourism for an integrated sustainable farming system in Barangay Lantud in Talakag, Bukidnon. Using the community-based approach, the study provided strategies to address the challenges of establishing a sustainable community-based agroecotourism in the area. It concludes that the community-based agroecotourism approach brings socioeconomic benefits like jobs, income diversification, and entrepreneurship, which can lead to improved living standards and poverty reduction. It also notes that overcoming obstacles, such as inconsistent regulations and inadequate infrastructure, is vital for agroecotourism's viability, underscoring the need for effective management and stakeholder collaboration. 


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In the Media
  1. Cahiles-Magkilat, Bernie. 2023. PIDS bats for community-based approach agroecotourism. Manila Bulletin.

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