Hello, PIDS friends! Here's our #FactFriday for the week on the importance of organizing farmers for greater access to formal credit.

A PIDS study found that small farmers and fisherfolk who are members of an agrarian reform beneficiary organization (ARBO) have better access to formal credit than nonmembers. This underscores the importance of policies directed toward organizing farmers to increase their access to formal credit. It is also crucial to reduce the cost of lending. This can be done by using farmer cooperatives/associations as conduits, which further shows the value of organizing farmers, and promoting digital finance.

Know more about the publication titled “Land Tenure, Access to Credit, and Agricultural Performance of ARBs, Farmer Beneficiaries, and Other Rural Workers” here: https://pidswebs.pids.gov.ph/.../PUBLICAT.../pidsdps2044.pdf.


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