3. Threats to the provision of global public goods: Disenchantment with globalization has led many large countries to turn inward. Another source of uncertainty is the rise in protectionist and populist policies. The multilateral trading system is also under threat.

4. Erosion of social cohesion and trust: Globalization, once seen as a force to strengthen social cohesion, has inadvertently contributed to the erosion of trust as a result of worsening inequality. The persistence of corruption has also led to pessimism and distrust in government institutions. These are aggravated by sowing mis-information, dis-information, and mal-information using new forms of media.

Know more about the New Globalization and its features. Download the PIDS study, "Understanding the New Globalization: Implications for the Philippines", here: https://www.pids.gov.ph/publications/6872.
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