Hello, PIDS friends! Here's our #PIDSFactFriday for the week on the Social Pension Program.

A PIDS study that examined the implementation of the government’s Social Pension (SocPen) Program, a social protection program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) intended for indigent senior citizens, underscored the need to clarify the definition of “indigent” and to link it with the poverty or low-income status of a senior. The study observed that the current definition used in the field to identify indigency is too loose and lacks a poverty focus. It also stressed the importance of having all SocPen beneficiaries included in the Listahanan or National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction so that their incomes can be estimated with the proxy means income model used by the DSWD.

Know more about the study titled “SocPen Beyond Ten: A Process Evaluation of the DSWD Social Pension (SocPen) Program for Indigent Senior Citizens amid the COVID-19 Pandemic” here: https://www.pids.gov.ph/publications/7578.

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