The Socioeconomic Research Portal for the Philippines (SERP-P) of the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) hosted a knowledge-sharing session as part of its annual symposium and meeting. It convened experts to discuss contemporary approaches on how to disseminate knowledge and foster collaboration.

Themed Trends and Innovations in Knowledge Dissemination”, the session featured presentations and discussions on leveraging digital tools, using AI ethically, and navigating the media landscape.

Ms. Pinky Serafica, Senior Communications Officer at the Asian Development Bank, kicked off the session with her presentation on “Leveraging Digital Innovations for Research Communication”. Delving into their communication strategies for Xiangtan’s community in China during the pandemic, she highlighted the influential role of online platforms in connecting the public with research. She also stressed the importance of inclusivity and responsible technology use.

“Online platforms can be a force for good”, she said. “We can use digital technologies to work and to make us do better work. However, meticulous attention to processes, context, representation and inclusivity is needed,” she added.

Ms. Mary Claire G. Mercado, Copy Editor and Consultant at CNN Philippines, followed with her insights on “Effective Media and Public Relations for Research Dissemination”. She underscored the media’s role as a bridge, translating research into accessible and understandable information for the public while upholding accuracy and professionalism.

Dr. Peter Sy, Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy, UP-Diliman, took the stage to discuss “How Artificial Intelligence Can Reshape Research Institutions”. He examined AI’s diverse roles in research, encompassing data analysis and bias detection, all while recognizing the ethical considerations at play.

“Information longs to be free. With AI we have got to the level where our quality is of much value,” he asserted. Dr. Sy highlighted the necessity of open data to actively involve stakeholders. Open data and open science are significant in the realm of AI-powered research.

The knowledge-sharing session also emphasized the importance of media literacy, critical thinking, and reliance on reputable sources for accurate information especially for research dissemination. In the afternoon, the symposium transitioned into a planning workshop dedicated to strengthening SERP-P as a knowledge dissemination and networking platform.

Photos of the knowledge-sharing session can be viewed here:

Meanwhile, the recorded video of the session may be watched through this link: ###


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