To familiarize everyone with key socioeconomic terms and concepts, we have this new social media series.

For this week, our buzzword is “social network”.

It refers to relatively structured social ties that individuals or groups have with other people.

Source: APA Dictionary of Psychology

A PIDS study found that in three sitios in Atok, Benguet, sharing of weather and climate information mostly happens within peer advice networks. Data from one sitio showed that the common sources of weather and climate information are neighbors (46% of the exchanges), kins (43%), and farmers/farm workers (40%) sharing farm inputs and other resources.

This suggests that these networks are useful for improving households’ access to and utilization of weather and climate information, such as weather forecasts and climate projections.

Know more about the role of social networks in communities by reading “How Social Networks Influence Access and Utilization of Weather and Climate Information: The Case of Upland Farming Communities in the Philippines” available at

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