Getting access to healthcare services and facilities is important, but it is not the whole story. The quality of health care one receives also matters when it comes to achieving good health outcomes. The way hospitals provide treatment and care greatly impacts how well a person recovers and stays healthy. So, it is not just about having access but also about receiving high-quality health care.
This infographic shows that many Philippine hospitals face gaps that restrain their capacity to deliver quality care. These gaps include insufficient personnel, limitations in their facilities and equipment, and a lack of internal monitoring for healthcare quality. Policy interventions are needed to address gaps in the readiness of Philippine hospitals to provide high-quality health care.
This infographic is based on PIDS Discussion Paper 2021-32 titled “Assessment of the Service Capability and Readiness of Philippine Hospitals to Provide High-Quality Health Care” written by PIDS Senior Research Fellow Valerie Gilbert T. Ulep, Supervising Research Specialist Jhanna Uy, Research Specialist Lyle Daryll D. Casas, and Christian Edward L. Nuevo.

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