#PIDSGetsMoBa: Mas online at konektadong sambayanang Pilipino para sa mas masiglang ekonomiya (An online and more connected Philippines for a livelier economy)
In this #PIDSGetsMoBa video, we discuss the access and exposure of Filipinos to information and communications technology (ICT), particularly in the context of the digital economy. In this regard, the featured study encourages making improvements in infrastructure, especially for communities with limited access to electricity and cellular sites and marginalized sectors such as indigent senior citizens, persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples, and those with low education. It also recommends continuous education campaigns on the uses and benefits of ICT and proper and mindful use of the internet.
#PIDSGetsMoBa is a video series that features pressing socioeconomic problems and policy recommendations from PIDS studies to address them.
This video is based on PIDS Discussion Paper Series 2021-13 (Filipinos' Access and Exposure to ICT: A General Overview based on the National ICT Household Survey) authored by PIDS Senior Research Fellow Audrey Tabuga and former Research Analyst Carlos Cabaero.
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