The Philippine peso continues to depreciate in January 2003 as shown by an all-time high monthly average exchange rate of 53.552.

The incidence of Crime went up to 8.97 percent for the year 2002. This is a 9.0 percent increase from its 8.23 percent rate in the year 2001.

Gross National Product grew to 5.2% in 2002 from its 3.4% growth in 2001. The increase in Net Factor Income from Abroad for the fourth quarter of 2002 played a significant role in the GNP growth.Gross Domestic Product grew as well to 4.6% in 2002 from its 3.2% growth in 2001. Performance for the fourth quarter reports both growth in the GNP and GDP with 7.2% and 5.8% growths respectively.

The 91-day Treasury bill rate went down in December at 5.164 percent from November`s 5.257 percent.

Composite Index closes at 1,305.63 for the month of January. This is higher compared to last year`s 1,204.57.

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