Year-on-year inflation rate decelerated to 2.7 percent in May from 2.8 percent in April.

Composite Index closes at 1,073.69 for the month of May. This is higher compared to April`s 1,068.15.

Labor force population in April 2003 decreased by 1.2 percent to 34.6 million from 35.1 million in April last year. The labor force participation rate, likewise, declined by 2.8 percentage points, from 69.9 percent in April 2002 to 67.1 percent in April this year. Employed persons was estimated at 30.4 million in April 2003, slightly up by 0.8 percent over the same period last year. The employment rate, likewise, increased by 1.7 percentage points, from 86.1 percent last year to 87.8 percent this year. Unemployment rate decreased to 12.2 percent in April this year from 13.9 percent in April last year. Underemployment rate decreased by 4.0 percentage points, from 19.6 percent in April last year to 15.6 percent this year.

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