The year-on-year headline inflation rate in the Philippines was registered at 7.6 percent in March, the same rate posted in February. Core inflation rate is 6.5 percent.

The 91-day Treasury bill went down to 4.998 in March from 5.156 in February.

The Peso continues to show signs of strength at it averaged P51.219 during the month of March.

The labor force population in January 2006 was registered at 35.2 million. This translates to a labor force participation rate (LFPR) of 63.8 percent. Total employment in January 2006 was 32.4 million, resulting to national employment rate of 91.9 percent. Total unemployed persons numbered 2.8 million in January 2006, which translates to an unemployment rate of 8.1 percent. The incidence of underemployment went up to 21.3 percent in January 2006 from 16.1 percent a year ago.

Composite Index ended at 2,195.95 for the month of March. This is higher compared to last February’s 2,122.96.

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