Date Published:
Dec 21, 2018
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DP 2018-31

In a developing country such as the Philippines, social protection has been a consistent priority of government to redistribute income to the poor, marginalized, and vulnerable in society. In the recent decade, there was progress in the design and delivery of social protection programs because of the adoption of a social protection strategy and framework to consolidate efforts and better target programs. Evidence of declining poverty incidence and documented improvements in the design and implementation of programs is promising. However, there is still more work to be done in terms of increasing coverage, improving implementation and coherence in social protection. This study looks at how much the Philippine government has invested in social protection in recent years. It also discusses social protection programs and documents their evolution and redesign. The review highlights the importance of monitoring and evaluating programs through audits and impact assessments, in the redesign of programs.

For the peer-reviewed version of this paper, see Research Paper Series 2021-01


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In the Media
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  2. Ignacio, Reicelene Joy. 2019. PHL social spending lower relative to size of economy. BusinessWorld.

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