Date Published:
Jun 23, 2022
Policy Notes
Focus Area(s):
PN 2022-08

The COVID-19 pandemic displaced workers and caused work-related stressors to survivors or those who continued working amid the pandemic. This Policy Note looks into the experience of hospitality workers who survived COVID-19 pandemic-induced job displacements. It finds that survivors experience work strains, such as increased workload, additional job roles, new competency requirements, and understaffing. Financial uncertainties drive them to endure these strains. Hence, the author urges the government to develop a recovery roadmap for the sector that promotes fair labor policies, survivors’ welfare-centered programs, open and transparent communication, and preparatory recovery interventions. Moreover, ongoing government programs on health protocol training and tourism recovery should be strengthened. Meanwhile, organizations must build crisis management competencies and establish appropriate protective benefits and reward systems to respond to their employees’ basic and career needs.


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In the Media
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