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Aug 22, 2022
RPS 2022-04
The Philippine Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) has been in existence since 1976, providing Filipino children access to safe and effective vacci..
Research Paper Series
Aug 19, 2022
DP 2022-23
While the Philippine education system is in the middle of profound changes with the passage of Republic Act 10533 or the Enhanced Basic Education Act ..
Discussion Papers
Aug 18, 2022
DP 2022-22
Understanding housing affordability is key to addressing the housing problem. This study evaluates housing affordability in the Philippines using conv..
Discussion Papers
Jul 21, 2022
PJD 2022 Vol. 46 No. 2c
This paper documents the experiences of rural physicians in managing pediatric tuberculosis (TB) cases before and after disasters in Bohol, Philippine..
Philippine Journal of Development
Jul 21, 2022
PJD 2022 Vol. 46 No. 2b
This study assesses the diversity and inclusivity of Philippine export activities to the European Union (EU) amid the country’s status as a benefici..
Philippine Journal of Development
Jul 21, 2022
PJD 2022 Vol. 46 No. 2a
This paper identifies the benefits and problems in the subdivision of collective land titles in the Philippines. In particular, it discusses how the p..
Philippine Journal of Development
Jul 20, 2022
RPS 2022-03
This study uses a matching design to evaluate the impacts of microenterprise assistance provided by the Department of Social Welfare and Development&r..
Research Paper Series
Jun 30, 2022
DP 2022-21
Based on The Economist’s 2021 Global Food Security Index (GFSI), the Philippines ranked 64th out of 113 countries in terms of its four dimension..
Discussion Papers
Jun 28, 2022
DRN Vol. 40 No. 2
This quarter’s Development Research News (DRN) looks at the opportunities and challenges for the Philippines in trade in services. The..
Development Research News
Jun 27, 2022
DP 2022-20
This benchmarking study compares the performance of the Philippine livestock, poultry, and dairy (LPD) industries with other large LPD producers and c..
Discussion Papers
Jun 23, 2022
PN 2022-09
Human development is at the core of the Philippine Development Plan 2017–2022. This Policy Note offers insights on promoting flourishing or comp..
Policy Notes
Jun 23, 2022
PN 2022-08
The COVID-19 pandemic displaced workers and caused work-related stressors to survivors or those who continued working amid the pandemic. This Policy N..
Policy Notes
Jun 14, 2022
RPS 2022-02
The Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) is an organized technology-based system of collecting, processing, and validating local-level data based ..
Research Paper Series
May 31, 2022
DP 2022-19
Production of livestock, poultry, and dairy are private sector-led industries contributing a third of the agricultural sector’s output, despite ..
Discussion Papers
May 23, 2022
PIDS Book 2022-02
The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic hit the Philippine economy and society unprecedentedly. To protect the people, the government had to ..

Showing 166-180 of 2,985 items.
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