Apr 01, 2020 to Mar 31, 2024
Funding Agency:
Focus Area(s):
Human Development, Labor Markets, and Poverty
Project Director:
Dacuycuy, Connie B.

The study will investigate how the country can ensure that the platform economy does not deepen and broaden existing gender inequalities. First, the study aims to provide a characterization of platforms engaged in by Filipino women, analyze women’s socioeconomic and work profiles, and understand the drivers of their participation in the gig work and the degree to which these influence the way they conduct their business in the platform. Understanding the profiles of gig workers and the platforms they are engaged in can help in developing evidence to address women’s economic empowerment. Second, in line with the SDG 5 target, it aims to analyze how gig work interweaves with unpaid work to help develop policies on women’s benefits and social protection in the online work. Third, it aims to examine areas of collaboration between platforms and the government to ensure that gig work does not deepen inequalities in the gender and income class divide. Fourth, it aims to analyze potential initiatives/programs for women in the countryside to promote their gainful participation in online labor platforms. Unlike in urban areas, there are few economic prospects in the countryside and this is where online labor platforms can have the most impact. The proposed study envisions for the elimination of inequalities in online platforms across gender, class, and geographical divides and for the achievement of SDG 5 through financial independence and the elimination of burdens created by unpaid work.

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