Feb 28, 2024 to Dec 31, 2024
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Albert, Jose Ramon G.

There are limited rigorous evaluations and evidence on the effectiveness of the processes, systems and capabilities enabling and constraining the Alternative Learning System (ALS) operations, outreach and outcomes. Much of the literature has focused on assessments of learning outcomes and profiles of ALS beneficiaries. There is a knowledge gap with respect to diagnostic analyses of existing workflows, monitoring efficacies, budgetary allocations and decision-making hierarchies that drive ALS implementation.


This study will help close the gaps in understanding the enabling and impeding mechanisms in ALS service delivery by undertaking a systems-level process evaluation. It will provide evidence-based guidance on existing strengths and deficiencies in governance, administration, monitoring and ground-level execution. The findings can feed into undertaking process re-engineering initiatives to address bottlenecks for improved efficiency and results.


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