Feb 24, 2024 to Dec 31, 2024
Funding Agency:
Focus Area(s):
Human Development, Labor Markets, and Poverty
Project Director:
Diola, Douglas Kurt Gregor A. ; Melad, Kris Ann M. ; Abrigo, Michael Ralph M.

This research offers a critical opportunity to delve deeper into this policy question and provide valuable insights to guide future program development. Specifically, this study traces follows older cohort of 4Ps beneficiaries to examine long-term impact of the program and assess the well-being of the original and second-generation households, by tracking their educational attainment, employment opportunities, and overall socio-economic status, the study aims to understand whether the program's benefits translate into sustained positive outcomes beyond the program cycle.


The study aims to reassess the impact of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program on short term, intermediate, and long- term outcomes . Specifically, it aims to:

- assess long-term impact on now-adult children (and their children, if any) on select outcomes;

- determine whether short-term and medium-term impact are sustained in beneficiaries; and

- identify pathways of impact in case studies of select households.


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