This webinar will feature the study titled “The broader health impact of COVID-19 pandemic” authored by PIDS Senior Research Fellow Valerie Gilbert Ulep.

The Philippines has been severely affected by the pandemic. As of October 14, 2021, the country recorded 2.7 million confirmed COVID 19 cases and 40,000 deaths. However, these numbers do not fully capture the broad health impacts of the pandemic as well as associated policy responses.

The paper builds on a previous PIDS study that demonstrated the precipitous decline in healthcare services using administrative claims data. The author examined consultations and admissions data from selected public primary care facilities and hospitals. He also looked into productivity losses because of premature deaths and disabilities from COVID- and non-COVID cases. The findings of the study hope to stimulate debates in developing a more holistic and calibrated public health response.

A copy of the study may be downloaded from this link:


The Multifaceted Health Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic by Dr. Valerie Gilbert Ulep, Senior Research Fellow, Philippine Institute for Development Studies

PhilHealth and the Pandemic: A Brief Discussion presented by Dr. Lambert David, Acting Senior Manager, Standards and Monitoring Department, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation

The recording of this webinar may be viewed at

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