The Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), leading state think tank, was recognized for its contributions to the Makati City Library during its 70th Founding Anniversary celebration. This recognition highlights the shared commitment of both institutions to promoting lifelong learning, knowledge dissemination, and community development.

Mayor Mar-Len Abigail S. Binay, through City Administrator Atty. Claro Certeza, lauded PIDS alongside other partners and dedicated library retirees for their unwavering support. Their contributions, Mayor Binay highlighted, have been instrumental in the library’s remarkable 70-year journey. The library stands as a cornerstone of Makati’s intellectual landscape, serving as a vital center for research, education, and literacy promotion. It ensures that all citizens have access to the educational materials needed for learning to thrive.

The PIDS’ mandate on socioeconomic research and knowledge sharing aligns perfectly with the Makati City Library’s mission of advancing lifelong learning, fostering knowledge, and stimulating innovation. The Institute recognizes the immense power of continuous learning and readily available information in driving societal progress.

“We are honored by this recognition and extend our warmest congratulations to the Makati City Library. We are grateful to have the Makati City Library as one of our partners in providing the public access to our publications, bridging the gap between policy formulation and research,” PIDS President Aniceto Orbeta, Jr. expressed.

Looking ahead, the PIDS and the Makati City Library remain committed to strengthening their collaboration, solidifying the foundation for research, information exchange, and community development in Makati. ###

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