As we move closer to our 40th founding anniversary on September 26, we invite you to get to know the PIDS a bit more. Each day from August 18 to our anniversary day, we'll feature some interesting facts about the Institute—a total of 40 Things (You Just Might Not Know) About PIDS.

40 Things (You Just Might Not Know) About PIDS (34/40):PIDS and impact evaluation 

2015 was an intensive year of policy research for PIDS. The Aquino administration, through the National Economic and Development Authority, tapped the PIDS to lead a PHP 300-million research project to conduct process assessments and impact evaluations (IE) of key government programs to determine their effectiveness. 

Programs evaluated by PIDS include those on reforestation, irrigation, postharvest facilities, agricultural insurance, livelihood, credit services, self-employment assistance, health facilities enhancement, school-based feeding, bottom-up budgeting, and student financial assistance, to name a few. The project produced more than 20 studies whose results and policy recommendations were disseminated through the Institute’s knowledge products and various policy seminars and fora. 

The IE studies can be accessed from the PIDS website:

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