The Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), is conducting an online survey on Filipino rice consumers’ attitudes toward rice self-sufficiency policies and their rice consumption patterns. The survey is part of an ongoing study of PIDS and FAO on various Filipino stakeholders’ attitudes toward rice self-sufficiency policies. Respondents include rice producers and rice consumers.

The survey aims to collect information from Filipino rice consumers to understand their demand for rice self-sufficiency policies and their rice consumption patterns. Through the survey, the Institute hopes to generate recommendations for the government on how to implement and sustain rice policy reforms and address diversity in stakeholder opinion on rice self-sufficiency and other policies on rice trade and production support.

All personal information collected in the survey will be kept confidential and protected under the Data Privacy Act. Unauthorized use and publication of personal information by third parties will be prohibited.

The survey may be accessed through the following links:

1. Filipino version:

2. English version:

Click on the link and click “Next” to start the survey.

Interested survey respondents may accomplish this survey form on or before September 6, 2020.

For inquiries about this survey, please contact

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