The country's health human resource density appears to be sufficient based on national figures. However, when disaggregated, less than a quarter of local governments have the ideal density proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO). This maldistribution of healthcare workers can aggravate the already unequal access to healthcare services.

This infographic attempts to answer the following questions: Who are the health workers? Where are they? Why are they there? It also flags some issues and puts forward some policy recommendations to address the uneven distribution of health workers in the country.

This infographic is based on PIDS Discussion Paper titled “Who Are the Health Workers and Where Are They? Revealed Preferences in Location Decision among Healthcare Professionals in the Philippines” written by Michael R.M. Abrigo and Danica Aisa P. Ortiz, senior research fellow and former supervising research specialist, respectively. 

This publication may be downloaded here:

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