To familiarize everyone with key socioeconomic terms and concepts, we are launching this new social media series.

For this week, our buzzword is “wastewater”.

It refers to liquid waste generated from human activities or natural events. These include used or spoiled water from residential, commercial, and agricultural activities, and runoff from storms.

Source: United Nations (UN) Environmental Programme and UN Habitat

A PIDS study found gaps in the implementation of the country’s Clean Water Act, including the National Sewerage and Septage Management Program. The study traced this to a lack of a national framework to guide and harmonize the efforts of the different government agencies and entities tasked to handle various aspects of water and sanitation management. This results in the absence of institutional collaboration and fragmented implementation of policies and programs.

Know more about the state of wastewater management in the Philippines by reading the paper "Review of Urban Wastewater Management and Clean Water Act" available at

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