#PIDSInfoBits: Did you know that the number of established sanitary landfills* (SLFs) that cater to the residual wastes of local government units (LGUs) in the Philippines has steadily increased over the years?

By 2018, there were 165 SLFs in the country accessible to about 353 LGUs. This is a huge leap from the 33 operating SLFs accessible to 78 LGUs in 2010.

*SLFs are disposal facilities with impermeable liners to prevent liquid discharges from polluting ground and surface waters, gas management system to reduce risks of burning or explosion, soil cover to minimize odor, and other environmental protection features. (National Solid Waste Management Status Report 2008-2018)

Know more about the solid waste management in the Philippines by reading the PIDS study titled “An Analysis of Regulatory Policies on Solid Waste Management in the Philippines: Ways Forward” available here: https://pidswebs.pids.gov.ph/CDN/PUBLICATIONS/pidsdps2102.pdf

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