#PIDSGetsMoBa: Maayos na transportasyon ng tren para sa ikagiginhawa ng mga Pilipinong commuter (Efficient rail transport systems for the comfort of Filipino commuters)
In this #PIDSGetsMoBa video, we discuss the poor efficiency of the Philippines' rail transport systems, which have long been part of the daily struggle of Filipino commuters. The video highlights the low ranking of the country's rail transport systems compared to its Southeast Asian neighbors, as emphasized in a PIDS study. Thus, the study recommends regular performance audits and benchmarking with countries with well-performing rail transport systems. Moreover, it urges policymakers to develop a long-term, transit-oriented plan for the country.
#PIDSGetsMoBa is a video series that features pressing socioeconomic issues and policy recommendations from PIDS studies to address them.
This video is based on PIDS Discussion Paper Series 2022-34 (Road and Rail Transport Infrastructure in the Philippines: Current State, Issues, and Challenges) written by PIDS Senior Research Fellow Adoracion Navarro and Research Analyst Jokkaz Latigar.
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