#PIDSGetsMoBa: Sapat at maayos na school infrastructure: Susi sa paglinang ng mga estudyanteng Pinoy (Adequate and quality school infrastructure: Key to positive learning outcomes of Filipino pupils)
In this #PIDSGetsMoBa video, we elaborate on the positive correlation between school infrastructure and learning outcomes. In this regard, the video highlights the state of the Philippines' school infrastructure, as emphasized in a PIDS study. The same study encourages increased investments in the education sector and the improvement of facilities such as classrooms, internet connection, access to ICT tools, and clean water and sanitation. Moreover, it urges the government to monitor how much of the devolved budget goes to the education sector, given the effects of the Mandanas-Garcia ruling.
#PIDSGetsMoBa is a video series that features pressing socioeconomic problems and policy recommendations from PIDS studies to address them.
This video is based on PIDS Discussion Paper Series 2022-10 (School Infrastructure in the Philippines: Where Are We Now and Where Should We Be Heading) written by PIDS Senior Research Fellow Adoracion Navarro.
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